phone: 660-007-375

ViJ Victory in Jesus Church



Jaracza 40 street, Łódź, (I floor left site), Sundays service at. 10 AM
Fridays prayer metting at. 6 PM,
Saturdays worhip practice at. 2 PM


ul. Wyborna 20, Sunday at. 2 PM
Sam Uche,
tel. 793 261 382


Prusa 65 street, Sundays service at. 3 PM

Dr Gustave Nkoyock,
tel. 515 766 354,

Joseph Gbubele,
tel. 578 705 854.


Czartoryskiego 12 street, Sundays service at. 2 PM

Others mettings

Sharing Word of God via ZOOM, Facebook live thursday at. 8 PM

About us

Church Vision
Building and expanding God’s Kingdom, one soul at a time

We are an international church where you can experience something completely different from your everyday life through love and joy.

Through Victory in Jesus we go through our whole life whether in school, college, work or life. Our services are conducted in English with translation in Polish.

We invite you to our services where you will see people who love God and rejoice in Him.
Church MissionSpreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to all through friendship and every mean available-Mark 16:15-18
- Making disciples for Christ-conforming to the image of the Lord Jesus Christ-2Tim. 2:2
- Being full of the Holy Spirit (in power and fire)-Acts 6:3,8
- Preparing the Bride of Christ for His second coming-Rev. 19:6-9
Pastors & Church
 Raymond Rosemond Adonai


Main Pastors

42 239 77 63
660 007 375
729 377 494

Younth Pastor

Marcel Ellele 
514 350 306

Mariska Rathling
510 622 039
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